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Don Mickey Designs' primary production press for four color process (full color) printing is a Heidelberg QM-DI press. The advantages of this press include direct-to-press imaging via a series of laser diodes built into the press, and waterless offset printing capability. The creation of waterless plates on the press completely eliminates the need for traditional prepress developers, stabilizers, and cleaning agents, which have traditionally been significant pollutants in the printing industry. In addition, the waterless printing capabilities of the press help to minimize airborne pollutants within our facility, while simultaneously eliminating the residual liquid pollutants produced by traditional offset presses. Finally, the combination of the Heidelberg DI digital front-end which presets ink densities, combined with the inherent color readiness of waterless printing, result in minimal paper waste in set-up and throughout the press run.


Our traditional offset spot color printing process includes direct-to-plate capabilities. This capability eliminates many of the chemical based processes traditionally employed in producing negatives and printing plates, reducing the resulting pollutants.


For short-run pieces and proofing, we use both laser and ink-jet devices. While certain VOC's, particulates, and ozone emissions are unavoidable when dealing with digital printing devices, we have chosen to use low emission machines, including Xerox, Canon, and Roland Eco-Sol. In addition, we recycle toner cartridges, as well as all waste paper.
  • Direct to press
  • Direct to plate
  • Waterless offset
  • Minimized waste
  • Reduced Pollutants
  • Low emissions
  • Recycling program