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Don Mickey Designs uses three different types of ink, each of which has a specific relationship to the type of printed material that is produced. Our primary ink for full color process production is vegetable based waterless printing ink. This ink, when employed with waterless printing techniques, provides the least impactful results possible in offset printing. For traditional offset printing, we also use vegetable based inks. These inks exceed environmental standards for both VOC's and heavy metal content. Because of the necessary 'thickness' and pigments, our metallic inks and varnishes are petroleum based.


The majority of our material chemical waste has been eliminated with our direct-to-plate and direct-to-press systems. The liquid and solid chemical traces that do leave our facility are in the form of rags, which are collected and cleaned by a certified company specializing in the process and are then reused. For the limited number of solvents and chemicals used in our facility, we have chosen to use the most environmentally friendly chemicals available to us.