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Our preferred file format is a PRESS-READY PDF.

The following are our standard graphic applications.
Press-ready files (fonts and high-resolution linked files included) created in these programs will not incur additional charges.

Standard Applications
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator
Quark XPress
Macromedia Freehand

The following are a non-exclusive listing of non-standard graphic applications. While ideal for non-professional word processing, desktop publishing, or multimedia presentations, they are not well suited for high-end print production. Submitting files in these programs may lead to additional charges, as well as production delays. If your file was produced in one of these programs, please contact us to discuss details - we want to work with you. Just because it's listed doesn't mean we can't use it. This is simply a warning that these formats have been known to cause difficulty in print production.

Non-Standard Applications
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe Framemaker

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Corel Draw

All submitted files must include both screen and printer files for ALL fonts used in the piece. All raster-based (ie. Photoshop) files should be a minimum of 300 dpi at their final size. Failure to follow these guidelines may lead to undesireable results.